Smoking, Packaging and PSHE &Citizenship

Slightly off topic post from me today. A friend of mine is involved in this campaign and I think it’s a good one to share with Citizenship\PSHE teachers. I think there is a lot of scope to do some work with young people around this. Maybe as a citizenship project? Could also be interesting to do some follow on work linking it to sex in the media and whether young people can think of a campaign that might support young people with their body image or not to feel pressurised into sex they are not ready for, maybe by plain packaging not airbrushing celebrities or putting sexy advertising where kids can’t see it? just some musings- let me know how you get on and do sign up to the campaign!

Smoking facts for kids

our children. Visit the Plain Packaging Campaign
for more information and to pledge your support.

Sex and Relationships Education should be an entitlement for all children and young people

We are still waiting on the outcomes of the PSHE review where both the Sex Education Forum (SEF) and the PSHE Association submitted that:

 “SRE should be an entitlement for all children and young people.”

I think sometimes we get so bogged down in the “parental right of withdrawal from SRE” argument that we actually forget about the rights of the child to learn about their body, to learn how to protect themselves, to stay safe and to have happy and fulfilling relationships.  Absolutely these things can and should be taught by both home and school.  Yes parents have rights, but so too do their offspring. Young People are consistently complaining their SRE was “too little, too latetoo biological” so there is a clear demand from young people to have their needs met with an entitlement to high quality age appropriate sex and relationships education written into the statute.

I often think those that are against the idea of sex and relationship education often confuse innocence with ignorance.  Not telling my children about how their body works (in an age and stage appropriate way) would be remiss of me, in fact neglectful of me, as a parent.  Children and young people are desperate to learn more about relationships, about their bodies about how babies are made and about things that are going to be coming up for them before they happen so they are prepared for them.   We cannot deny them this right to knowledge and support their development into adulthood.

Currently all parents have a right of withdrawal from Sex Education apart from those aspects in the Science National Curriculum.  I would argue that any parent withdrawing a child from SRE in schools (Less than 1% of parents) should be able to provide evidence that they are covering the necessary knowledge, skills & understanding at home.

It will be very interesting to see how the governments responds to this when the PSHE Review is published hopefully by the Autumn.  I do hope they will listen and enshrine the entitlement for comprehensive SRE  for our children and young people in law.  Anything less is to do our young people another great disservice (like when PSHE failed to be made statutory in 2010).

What do you think?