The Obsession with Penis in Vagina (PIV) Sex

A discussion tonight on twitter about Gina Ford and her postnatal sex advice got me thinking more widely about societal obsession with “penis in vagina” sex as the “be all and end all”.

*rant alert* that’s a very narrow definition of what sex is. The wonderful Scarleteen have written many a marvellous article about this (which I will try and come back and link to when I get a moment) but I just wanted to highlight to those teaching sex education in schools that solely offering such a narrow perspective on sexual activity does your students a disservice (also is not very inclusive of LGB students). Also here is an interesting report from Kinsey exploring what sex is to different people.

Remember your lessons should always cover the foundations of a healthy sex life- trust, communication, respect etc. but I really think it is really important that teachers try to address this narrow perspective on sex where PIV sex is the only type of sex discussed. Not least so any budding Gina Ford’s in your class can be more informed 😉

Happy Educating!