Free stuff!

Occasionally I upload sample lessons and activities ideas to the TES resources bank.   I also post them below.  They can be downloaded for free with a TES login.

General PSHE Lessons

  • Drug Education- dealing with peer pressure– This lesson uses eating “catfood” to explore peer pressure with the class in relation to unsafe substances.
  • EMOTIONS SNAKES AND LADDERS – This is a lesson plan sample from a scheme of work I developed from a project based on developing emotional intelligence and resilience as part of a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Project.  Lesson aims -For students to play snakes and ladders with an emotional learning twist. -For students to continue to develop and reinforce skills in the positive way to deal with problems. -For students to reflect on their experiences.
  • EXPLORING EMPATHY WITH REFUGEES/ASYLUM SEEKERS  This is an incredibly powerful lesson that really gets students thinking about what it might mean to be a refugee or asylum seeker. Be warned- some students may get upset (especially if they have experienced loss) so set this activity up carefully to manage this.
Sex & Relationships Education Lessons
  • Lesson ideas about Sexual Orientation & Homophobia – This resource was written for Sense CD’s and is uploaded here with permission. Lots of different starters, mains and extension activities for covering sexual orientation and homophobia within your lessons
  • ACTIVITY EXPLORING SPREAD OF STI’S INCLUDING HIV – This activity is suitable for a secondary Science or PSHE lessons exploring the spread of disease including STI’s. It is a simple but very effective lesson to do and you don’t need to be a science teacher or have a specialist science classroom (so long as you follow school and H&S protocols) to deliver it. Students will see how far a disease spreads within the classroom and look at ways of reducing its spread. Particularly effective lesson when looking at HIV for World AIDS day.
  • CONDOM EXCUSES AND RESPONSES A match up activity matching up the excuse for not using a condom with a possible suggested response. Aim is for young people to feel empowered if they ever are faced with negotiating condom use.
  • CONDOM OLYMPICS Fun circus of activities exploring some of the limits of condoms. Can be completed in science/PSHE or D&T lessons.
  • CONDOM RISK ANALYSIS Worksheet to support students exploring ways in which condoms can fail. Can also be used in conjunction with the Condom Olympics activity
  • PORNOGRAPHY- TIPS AND RESOURCES ON HOW TO ADDRESS IN SRE LESSONS.  (*new*) This is a resource for teachers looking for help and support with tackling sexualised media including pornography in lessons. This document also covers reference to the two main commercially available educational resources dealing with Porn and links to training courses and further reading.  It is a collaborative working document and will be updated as we go along so if you have any ideas or resources you want to share please do!
Useful things for schools
  • For Parents: 10 Tips for talking about sex– This is a resource to support parents with ten tips for talking about sex and relationships with their child. It also includes links to further resources that may help them. It can be used as a handout for an information event on PSHE or as part of a letter home.

2 thoughts on “Free stuff!

  1. Look into someone called alfred kinsey, an how his work has influenced alot of areas.
    Smarter havin the Parents teach Sex Ed instead of the schools

    • Actually smarter to have both teach it working in conjunction. Some parents don’t want to teach it, won’t teach it well. Young people have a right to accurate unbiased info about their sexual health.

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