Comments & Discussion Policy

I believe passionately that all children and young people should have the right to factual and unbiased age appropriate  PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) both at home and in school to help them manage their inevitable transition to adulthood.  The vast vast majority of comments I get on my blog or via twitter are very positive (thankyou!).

In particular, Relationships and Sex Education is often an area of great debate (especially on issues such as teaching about homophobia and abortion) and while I welcome discussing some of the issues raised within the subject, I also need it to be appreciated that maintaining my blog and twitter feed is unpaid work which I do for the love of my subject, and a desire to support teachers to improve in their delivery of this subject.  Unfortunately I won’t always have time to engage with everybody discussing this subject and to be quite honest when some of these discussions also include personal attacks then I have absolutely no interest in engaging as I find it pointless and upsetting.


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