SRE- It’s my right.

Today the Sex Education Forum have launched their It’s my right campaign.  Including a letter in the guardian with a signature from yours truly.

Being a big fan of human rights just wanted to set out that the World Health Organisation specifies the right to information as well as education in their list of sexual rights.

They also “Recommend the provision of scientifically accurate and comprehensive sexuality education programmes within and outside of schools that include information on contraceptive use and acquisition” in their guidance and reccommendations on Ensuring human rights in the provision of contraceptive information and services.(WHO, 2014)

Plus the UN convention on the rights of the child features Article 28 which outlines the right of the child to an education. In 2010, a report the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to education, explicitly stated that this includes the right to a ‘sexual education’ and set out a number of standards, outlining the right to a ‘comprehensive sexual education’ within the context international human rights law) including: “There is no valid excuse for not providing people with the comprehensive sexual education that they need in order to lead a dignified and healthy life.” amongst other gems. The whole document is well worth a read.

So yes SRE is a human rights issue, and yes SRE it’s my right, it’s my daughters rights, its all our rights.

Here’s hoping the government will finally listen and set these rights into legislation.




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