“Teaching as an act of love”


Teaching as an act of Love

Where love is a political and radicalized form of love, which isn’t about consensus or unconditional acceptance, or happiness and romance, but a committed willingness to struggle persistently with purpose in our life and connect that purpose with our true vocation “to be human”

(Darder, 2009 reflecting on work with Paulo Friere)

Whilst writing this masters a student wrote to me and said:

you didn’t teach me to teach me, you taught me because you wanted to change the way we as a generation thought and used our language (i.e. gay…)” (Murphy, 2013 personal correspondence) .

The process of completing this masters into challenging homophobia in schools has renewed my commitment to teaching for social justice and reminded me that teaching is both an act of love and profound commitment to our humanity.

*Big Teacher Love-in*

(Yes I do sound like a complete twit and Smuggy McSmuggerson with the above post- Sorry! But to all us Teachers- just a necessary reminder WE ROCK! (and to those that do challenge prejudice, discrimination and oprression and promote respect and equality as an integral part of their work. Well, you guys especially rock!)

So there.


DARDER,A.(2009) Teaching as an act of love: Reflections on Paulo Friere and his contributions to our lives and work. DARDER, A., and BALTODANO, M. (2003). The critical pedagogy reader. R. D. TORRES (Ed.). New York: RoutledgeFalmer.


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