The best sex tip in the world and the only one you will ever need…..

I’m going to tell you the best sex tip in the world ever. Seriously it is the ONLY tip you will ever ever need. It is so simple yet BRILLIANT it guarantees you incredible wonderful pleasurable sex every single time.


Seriously forget Cosmo’s  or FHM’s Top 10 sex tips, you don’t need them, throw that sex manual out of the window. You don’t need tips plural- There is only ONE TIP. Honestly. Just the one. That’s it.

*pause* (Group now hanging onto your every word)

I’m not sure why this sex tip isn’t always widely known or used, it’s a mystery to me because seriously this truly is the secret to a wonderful incredible amazing mindblowing sex life.

It is such an awesome simple tip. Just brilliant.

*Pause* (group now begging for you to let on as to what this incredible secret is).

Okay so here goes, now I’m going to tell you…..

*pause* (maybe with a drumroll!)

…..the best sex tip in the world ever is………

*pause for ages like you are announcing an X-Factor winner*


(Or even better if you do it as a big reveal on the board or flipchart!)

*Collective group groan at such a let down after such an annoying OTT build up, however by the end of a lesson about verbal and non-verbal communication, trust, honesty, consent, negotiation, respect in relationships the group tend to concede I may actually have a point. 😀

I often use this as a preamble as a starter to sessions on communication in relationships  (for Y9+ age range groups and only if appropriate to class context- as always use your judgement!) , it has worked brilliantly every time I use it! I have used it with very difficult groups where I have simply written on the board “When you are quiet I am going to talk about the best and only sex tip you will ever need” (Cue instant silence from the group without any need to raise your voice!).

As a technique it works because young people want to know more about sex and pleasure,  but they might switch off a bit they knew it was going to be a lesson on communication (doesn’t quite sound as interesting does it!), but also I’d argue that it is true, it is really the only sex tip that you need as if you follow it, the rest falls into place, and if such an over the top preamble helps students to remember the importance of communication in relationships (and for good sex) then my work is done!

Try it as a preamble to your next lesson on communication and relationships and report back!

Happy Educating.

P.S On a serious side note I don’t tend to actually talk about sex tips in the classroom (Sorry to disappoint Daily Mail!), whilst I think discussions about good safe sex are very important, I don’t think see it as my job to discuss the “best ways of having sex”. After all we are all different and have sex very differently (no its not all Penis in Vagina sex!) so there is no real “best sex tips” and anyhow who am I to dictate what “good sex” is? I think the key is to support young people to recognise and negotiate healthy safe sexual relationships on their own terms. Discussions about communication form the foundations of that.  If I ever get asked about the best ways to have sex, or the best sexual positions (common questions particularly from year 11’s) I always say that everyone is different and will have different likes and dislikes the key is working out with your partner what you both enjoy together through erm Communication. Funny that.

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