A brief reflection on masters motivation using twitter and blogging

Masters Motivation

During the last 15 months of writing this masters I have struggled a lot with my motivations. My blog and twitter feed were used to help and try and motivate myself, as well as lots of planning documents and timetables.  My post on 22nd July entitled “masters chug chugging along”  enabled me to offload some feelings around a lack of motivation in continuing the masters which were frustrating me, but by having a rant about them on my blog I felt less blocked and more able to continue with the process of writing. By 21st Oct I used the blog to catalogue 10 motivational tools I had used (some successfully some less so) which helped keep me on track.

I also used the hashtag #mastersmission or #twitterasskick to gain support from twitter friends and colleagues to stick with completion of the masters.  On reflection writing these “motivational tools” were in themselves a source of procrastination. By writing about motivation I was delaying actually writing the thing I was struggling to write!  Having said that I think blogging and twitter have overall really helped with my motivation and learning for this whole process and I would strongly reccomend their use to other people.

At the point of writing this reflection on masters motivation I am probably no better at just getting on and writing it than I was in the beginning however I am more aware of some of the strategies I adopt to prevaricate, and I do now have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to help make positive changes such as “eat a frog for breakfast” – doing the hardest thing first gives you a sense of achievement and can increase your productivity for the rest of the day.


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