Heteronomativity, the media and Tom Daley.

If you replace all the headlines about Tom Daley with the heterosexual equivalent you see how pervasive and ridiculous heteronormativity can be.

Tom Daley ‘brave and courageous’ to reveal relationship with woman (BBC Sport)

Olympic diving star Tom Daley in relationship with woman (BBC News)

Tom Daley reveals he is in a relationship with a woman in frank YouTube video from Olympic diver (Telegraph)

Tom Daley: I’m dating a girl and couldn’t be happier (Metro)

Daley reveals straight relationship (ITV news)

Daley comes out as straight (N.B the Daily Mail initially were mislabelling as “Bisexual” (AFAIK he has not said what his identity is, so Gay or Bisexual is not appropriate) they have now changed this headline)

One day I hope we will in a society where no-body will bat an eyelid if someone’s partner is the same or opposite sex to them. It still might be a media interest story due to celeb gossip mongers about celeb relationships, but such a furore about a guy announcing he is in a relationship with another guy is just depressing. Does it really have to be such a big deal in this day and age?

Though having said that I  do recognise what an awesome couragous thing it is to do to be out as non-heterosexual sporting hero in today’s society so I do take my hat off to him, but to everyone else, to adapt the words of Stonewall “Some people are Gay, Bi, Queer, Poly, Asexual etc. Get Over it.”


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