What do you think of the 4 main types of Sexuality Education?

Jones and Hillier (2012 page 438) proposed that there are four main approaches to sexuality education- conservative, liberal, critical and postmodern:

types of sexuality education

Which do you think you teach mostly and why?

Personally I think I probably shift between all four positions as each will depend on the context, audience, topic etc etc. Whilst the idea of “conservative sexuality education” may conjure up images of “no sex before marriage, abortion and homosexuality are a sin” type sex education, I think we also need to recognise that in practice “conservative attitudes” around sex and sexuality can and do affect our practice. For example teachers are often much more hesitant about talking about oral and anal sex than they are for penis in vagina sex and in limited time in the curriculum there can be a specific focus on contraception and pregnancy prevention at expense of time discussing sexuality more generally.

Just something I found interesting in my masters research and wanted to share. I will continue to publish such snippets as I go along as I’m getting a bit keen on integrating theory with practice these days. Praxis innit.


1 thought on “What do you think of the 4 main types of Sexuality Education?

  1. I think the categories appear to inform the what we teach rather than the how we teach…and whilst the what is important (otherwise people get excluded, prejudice is reinforced etc) the how is what will make any delivery effective.
    Also find the conflation of sexuality and sexual orientation (which seems to happen a lot and is maybe the case here) unhelpful although I do understand the lines between the what and the who of what turns us on may be blurred. For example is dendrophilia an expression of sexuality, sexual orientation or both?

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