Teaching about the Nuvaring (hormonal contraceptive ring)

A lot of SRE teachers I speak to are not really aware of the Nuvaring as a method of contraception. Despite being licensed in the UK since 2002 it is not widely available due to it being expensive (£10 a month) and many clinics don’t offer it due to cost. It is a hormonal ring a woman wears internally for 3 weeks before removing it for a week to have a bleed before inserting a fresh ring. It is 99% effective. You can find out more information here.

The Nuvaring is included as part of the FPA’s contraceptive display kit, a photo the Nuvaring model from it be seen below. However the actual Nuvaring itself is not blue or attached to a retractable string and sometimes I feel this aspect of the demo model may confuse young people (especially the string aspect). Not all schools can afford demo kits either, instead relying on a hodge podge of empty pill packets, and condoms, coils etc begged borrowed or stolen from clinic colleagues.

20130929-090216.jpgTherefore I have come up with a possibly better and cheaper demo model to use with classes. The Femidom includes a small plastic ring:


And this is roughly the same size shape and transparency as the Nuvaring (although admittedly a little thicker and less flexible), but a really good alternative model if the Nuvaring official model is out of reach. (Plus has added advantage of being transparent like the real Nuvaring- tbh I was suprised real Nuvaring was transparent when I first saw one because I had it in my head it was blue like the demo model!!)


Schools definitely should teach about the Nuvaring, (after all if people don’t know about it, they won’t know to ask for it, and demand for it may lower prices making it more widely available) and they should easily be able to make their own demonstration model from the ring in a femidom (provided they have a Femidom in their kit- if not maybe a white/transparent jelly/shag bracelet/band would do as well (although be a bit big).

Hope that helps.

Happy Educating.


P.S Just in case perhaps it would be wise not to let students see you are using the Femidom and Nuvaring rings interchangeably. It may set up a misconception that the actual methods are interchangeable which obviously they are not.


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