Factors affecting schools ability to challenge homophobia- A pink triangle.

I’ve been working on the picture below for a while now to go into chapter 2 of my masters. It is a pink triangle for obvious reasons. I think it is almost finished. Have I missed anything crucial off?  I am trying to show the interplay between evidence, policy and practice as well as the overarching interplay of attitudes and values.

Does it make sense as a diagram? Could I arrange it better? I’m trying to save words and picture saves me loads of words!

Please help!

Policy practice triangle

Blog pink triangle

5 thoughts on “Factors affecting schools ability to challenge homophobia- A pink triangle.

  1. Hi Alice –
    Purely personal perspective – I found it confusing to look at….For me it is too heavily populated ( block arrows; lozenges; dotted lines; straight lines; curved arrows; triangles in triangles, then more confusion over the formatting: italics, bold, font size etc. Then again I’m not an academic. I am however in the Keep It Simple camp. Whlst I appreciate your reasoning for the pink triangle I wonder if a Venn diagram might be more useful and appropriate. You could always lay a trasparent pink triangle over it.

    Sorry. 😦

    • I totally agree. It needs simplfying. I tried it in a venn diagram- the overlaps didn’t always work out and it was even messier but I might have another play with it. I have edited it a bit further (see post) and added an overview diagram so you can see what I am trying to do before going into the detail. Is that any better? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Keep it simple rule is important. I am not an academic at all hence playing with pretty pictures!

  2. Hi Alice. I’m totally loving the colours 🙂 Here are a few points, which I hope might be of use.
    1) The title – “I” know what you mean, but for someone coming to this fresh, might it sound like the “factors affecting …” are the “Pink Triangle”? Also – call me a pedant (I’m sure others have called me worse) is it Affecting or Effecting here, and shouldn’t there be an apostrophe after schools?
    2) In the top diagram, maybe you could remove the rainbow triangle (I know, it’s a fuss then to get the others back into a triangle shape) and put the circle right around it all. So you have a triangle of three in the middle, surrounded by the arrows in circle, and they could have the text “skills, attitudes and values – the interpersonal aspect”.
    3) Yes, there’s a lot going on, but you could do this as a series of diagrams. For example, “Figure 1a [title]” diagram could be your central triangle (of Practice, Evidence, Policy, with “Impact” arrows, and surrounded with the circular arrows and text “skills, values & attitudes: personal values” etc. That’s all nice and clear. Then “Figure 1b” might be the same, but this time with various blurbs (from your current detail rainbow triangle” piercing in, like arrows from the outside of your outer ring, pointing in to the central triangle (like arrows going into a target board). Then 1c, 1d, 1e could be each of the three inner triangles, with their details on it.
    Does that make sense? It just means you are keeping all your wonderful information, but breaking it down into a series of meaningful diagrams which take it bit by bit instead of it all being heavily populated. Imagine you were doing this on a PowerPoint or Prezi to explain to people at a conference – or teachers in a classroom. It needs to be easily conveyed.
    4) Maybe no need for those “can also impact on…” as you already have big arrows with “Impact”.
    5) Not sure what the dotted line is for?
    6) The layout of the text in the rainbow triangle – especially the overlap in yellow and green – I would try to lay that out a bit more consistently.
    … but I totally agree with you, that you have wonderful ideas here. They are a lot and quite complex (I’m loving it: a real “~ology” 🙂 but now as you have conceptualised all of this, see whether your conceptualisation can’t be made a bit more systematic for your audience to see, read and understand (totally comprehend).
    It’s fab, and I wish you well with it 🙂
    David x

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