Grey Literature Sources on challenging homophobia in schools- help me crowdsource a list!

Hi all,

Trying to come up with a reasonably comprehensive list of grey literature sources for my masters exploring effective strategies for teachers challenging homophobia in schools.

So far I have the list below.

What have I missed? Who else do I need to be contacting? (N.B they need to be English or UK Wide including England due to the parameters of my research- hence orgs like LGBTYouthScotland aren’t on the list). Specifically must work in schools preferably with teachers supporting them to address homophobia in schools.

Please help!



Grey Literature sources (list so far).

List developed from existing Professional Knowledge and current sector colleagues and adapted and updated from the list used in Warwick et. al. (2004)

Specific LGBT Organisations working with schools


Education Action Challenge Homophobia – EACH

Schools Out

Diversity Role Models

Educate and Celebrate

Joint Action Against Homophobic Bullying (JAAHB)/Intercom Trust

Gendered Intelligence

Inclusion for all

Other related organisations



CSIE- Centre for studies on inclusive education

LGBT Youth NorthWest



Teaching organisations relating to sex and relationships education

PSHE Association

Sex Education Forum (within NCB)

Sexual Health Organisations


FPA Charity

Sheffield Centre for HIV and Sexual Health research

Terrence Higgins Trust

National AIDS Trust

Eddystone Trust

Governmental Organisations

Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)

Department for Education

Teacher Agency

National College for School Leadership

Health Development Agency- transferred to NICE?

General Teaching Council- does not exist as of 31st March 2012

Qualification and Curriculum Authority- No longer exists as of 31st March 2012



National Association of Head Teachers

National Union of Teachers



 I also have a list of key practitioners and academics working in the area but felt that it wasn’t fair on their privacy to be listed together on my blog but if you know of any key people I need to speak too then please shout up- it is likely I have already spoken to many of the usual suspects but am keen to find out about any others working in the area. 


4 thoughts on “Grey Literature Sources on challenging homophobia in schools- help me crowdsource a list!

    • Thankyou so much for suggesting them. Unfortunately due to this having to be an English based study (because it took me weeks to untangle the English legislation and guidance around SRE and anti-bullying re. homophobia – I don’t have the word count (or the energy!) to untable the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish legislation on these areas so unless it is an organisation also working in England I can’t really include it. I am very grateful that you took the time to respond though!

  1. Hi Alice, saw your tweet! We do some work around challenging homophobia. Can we help at all? I’m on [redacted] or email.
    It sounds really interesting though- good luck!
    Looking forward to meeting you soon I hope
    Best, Sarah

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