Ponderances on my masters #1- Challenging homophobia.

Thought it might be helpful to use my blog to jot some thoughts down about my masters and track my progress and just generally use it as a procrastination  academic writing support tool. So here is my first post- just working on the aims and objectives section at the minute:

Aim: to perform a review of the evidence in the UK from the last 10 years (since the repeal of Section 28) to see how schools and teachers can effectively challenge homophobia


  • To critically explore the current context of homophobia and heteronormativity in British Schools.
  • To review the literature in a systematic way for evidence of successful strategies in addressing homophobia and heteronormativity.
  • To create an evidence based framework using the literature review, that has the potential to enable schools and teachers to adopt approaches to addressing homophobia and heternormativity.

The reason this is a subject of vital importance can be summarised in the following three quotes


The ideal:

‘Everyone is an insider, there are no outsiders – whatever their beliefs, whatever their colour, gender or sexuality.’ Archbishop Desmond Tutu, February 2004

The situation:

“Gay People are everywhere… except in the National Curriculum, and certainly not visible in our schools” Andrew (Quoted in Atkinson & De Palma, 2010)


The consequences of not changing the situation to meet the ideal:

“I want to kill all gays”  Y9 boy in my PSHE Class before we started this work.

Pondering if my aims and objectives make sense (could be better) and if those quotes powerfully summarise why this work is important or actually a bit naff? Thoughts appreciated.

Next post will be looking at me defining terms – a minefield in itself!


3 thoughts on “Ponderances on my masters #1- Challenging homophobia.

  1. Sounds like a fascinating subject! My only comments: re your aim, I think it’s fine to just say “to review the evidence” rather than “to perform a review of the evidence”, which (to me) sounds a bit tentative. Re the quotes, I love the idea, I wonder if the third one though isn’t a bit extreme – not that I don’t believe it, and think it’s awful that anyone would think that, not least a kid – but because it’s on the extreme end of the spectrum it might be that people think “well that’s just a one-off” so dismiss your take that this is a consequence of not tackling homophobia. If there’s something a bit more insiduous but which is likely to be thought/believed/acted upon by more people as a result of the lack of action on homophobia in schools, then that might add to the credibility of the claim.

    Good luck with it all!

    • Hallo,
      Very helpful comments thankyou. Have taken out my extra words (am a terror for using 10 where two will do!). Agree also re. quote (N.B that kid by end of my sessions said “I still don’t like it Miss but I get what you are saying about not being mean to someone because of it” which for him was a monumental shift so I might tie in that quote somehow or get a quote from one of my LGBT students about the impact homophobia has had on them.
      Next post will be my defining terms. Yikes.

      • Yeah I think the quote is definitely usable somewhere! I’m also fond of writing a paragraph where a sentence will do, but since I’ve been marking other people’s work it’s made me much more aware of when I do it myself! The over-tentative thing is really common!

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