Teaching is in my blood

I have been solely freelance for the last three years now enabling me to work around my two tiny children who are both under three (previously I was part employed in a school and part freelance) . Although I was occasionally able to deliver sessions direct to young people and volunteer as a youth worker, I found I was really missing the school environment and developing those longer term relationships supporting young people to learn and succeed. So at the start of September I rejoined a secondary school for one day a week, I’m not teaching PSHE but a GCSE subject where I have two classes of Y11’s and I can honestly say its the best decision I have made in a long time. I am absolutely loving being back in a school, having fab new colleagues, and ace new students. The school is in special measures, the kids can be temperamental, my working day is 7.30am can be until 9pm (if I want to keep my school work to the one day) and I am only earning a tiny amount above my childcare costs but I really am absolutely thriving on the challenge and enjoying every second. I’m utterly knackered but heck teaching really is in my blood.

I love my job*

*I may revisit this post after the September back to school love rush has faded, the kids have missed their coursework deadlines and I’m behind on marking, report writing etc etc to see if I still feel the same! I hope so.


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