Letter of recommendation for posterity

I’m having a sort out and I found this in my “Record of Achievement” folder (you know the burgundy folder you got at school for your exam certificates and Duke of Edinburgh Award and suchlike!).

It made me smile to reread it but since I cannot use it for in my current job seeking (educational employers if you are reading this- hire me, my maternity leave ends soon!), then I thought I would record it here for posterity.

Wonder what Mr Mashaba might say if he could see how far I had come 7 years later! In fact I will have to write to the school and see how they are doing, and maybe one day book flights for a visit, it really was the most brilliant inspirational school to work in.


Me with some kids at playtime. Hola 7!


Older boys SRE group. It was a primary school but you got held back if you failed your exams or if your parents couldn’t afford to pay one year meaning class 7 (equiv class6- UK) had 10-17year olds in. It could be difficult to teach sex education age appropriately. So we ran a special 14+ group for the sex education they needed but wouldn’t get with their much younger classmates.




One of my classes- Class 5 I think.


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