Some resources to support teaching about HIV/AIDS for World AIDS Day 2011

I have just finished mapping a massive resource of HIV/AIDS Education lesson plans and activities.  It is like a mixtape compilation CD but better!

Anyhow I thought it would also be worth sharing some of the best bits here (although sadly a lot of it is not available online and I actually need to work out how best to host some of the best content myself first *watch this space*). (This post builds on from 3 masterplans to cover HIV/AIDS in your lessons)

You have got to start with the NAT resource because it’s really good (I especially love the exploring prejudice activity)! (and as background I really like this and this from NCB).  And as I have said before I love love love the Mr HIV videos- (watch them in full to assess suitability for your class).

I also posted a mixing cups activity  free to download from the TES website which explores how some STI’s might be transmitted.

I have just posted some Poems about HIV/AIDS written by children I was working with in South Africa.

There are a million more things I could suggest but sadly my to do list before I go on maternity leave is taller than me so I can’t write much more now but I want to get this post out there, so I am going to click publish but will try and come back to it to add more ideas another time.  In the meantime if really stuck – shout for help- sexedukation at gmail dot com.

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