A leetle bit of a rant about the PSHE Review


I’m a very busy girl at the minute, I work, I volunteer, I write, I parent etc etc. and I think many of you reading this (especially the teachers on first week back after half term) are in exactly the same position.

I have had “COMPLETE PSHE REVIEW” on my to-do list for ages now.  It’s due at end of November.   I genuinely meant to blog sample answers to help people filling it in and all sorts, but having looked and looked at the DfE consultation documents I simply do not have the time to go through and do any of them justice because there is just so so much I want to think about and write and say and rant and shout and ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH why did they have to make this such a complicated process? (and the cynical part of me wonders if this is deliberate- I mean if even me- “Ms. Completely Obsessed by all things PSHE” is really struggling then “Mr/Ms.Takingavagueinterest” aren’t going to bother are they?)

Now I am also bemused as to why PSHE needed to be entirely separated out of the rest of the curriculum review process as it is still a subject that forms part of the curriculum- it doesn’t really need special treatment.  I am also bemused as to why we are having ANOTHER review? The joys of a new government throwing the baby out with the bathwater- so much amazing work has already been done reviewing PSHE (in particular SRE) so why on earth are we not building on from this and actually improving things? But no we must now go back to consultation stage just because we have a new government in power.  Sigh sigh sigh.

But anyhow although I needed to rant about this the wonderful PSHE Association have come to my rescue with helpful surveys and events I can feed into (but survey closes tomorrow so hurry up!).  The lovely  Sex Education Forum have also launched a survey and held events. Plus I know organisations like Mumsnet, British Humanist Society etc are also planning on formulating responses, so rather than getting stressed about not having time to feed into review as an individual, feed into it as a member of your organisation- strength in numbers and all that- the most important thing is to try to feed into it somehow no matter how busy you are-no excuses- myself included!

*bossy face*


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