FREE £1000 worth of CPD on Sex & Relationship Education for schools in South West.

***Special offer!***

I know how schools are struggling with CPD budgets and what not and as it happens I have lots of new stuff that I would love to showcase (ok ok I actually mean I would quite like some guinea pigs for the fine tuning- but shhhh!) so I figured it could be an entirely mutually beneficial arrangement.

So you get 3 days worth of CPD input around Sex & Relationships Education – entirely free and can be tailormade to your school (and I can show you the groovy new stuff I have and see if you would like to trial it).  Bargain of a lifetime if you ask me. 😉

Oh and in case you are worried if I’m any good here is what one teacher had to say:

In all matters to do with sex and relationships education (SRE), Alice has been a fantastic help to us. We have worked together over a number of years developing the SRE provided within the school.  Sessions she delivers to students are always outstanding and the students really enjoy participating in them. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend her work.

Dr Gavin Matthews – Head of Citizenship and Life Skills, Enfield Grammar School

Contact me on sexedukation at to discuss further.

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