Podcast: How to talk to your children about sex

A year or two ago I was interviewed by the fab @bureauista for her blog- talking about “How to talk to your children about sex”.  I had completely forgotten about it but it today in a twitter discussion about podcasts it re-emerged- which is very timely considering I am working on 10 tips for parents to talk to their children about Sex (Update: can be found here:).

Anyhow I’m a bit embarrassed in places and probably if the interview was redone today I may say things slightly differently (although much would probably be the same).

But I thought it worth sharing here too (plus it makes me look all nifty like I know podcasting and the like- when the reality is I haven’t the foggiest but its on my CPD list!)

The original link to Bureauista’s blogpost is here and she blogs at http://bureauista.com/blog/ (and she very lovely and I hope I can catch up with her soon whenever we are in the same county!)

So here goes: (I’m the one who sounds like have swallowed a box of frogs- or is that madder than…)

Podcast 2.1 Sex Education in UK Schools

Podcast 2.2 When and how to talk to kids about sex

Podcast 2.3 Why talk to your child about sex

Podcast 2.4 STIs on the rise in the UK

Podcast 2.5 Helping your child make good decisions about sex


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