If I were in charge of Sex & Relationships Education I would…..

Okay final post in my blogtastic monday.

On Friday as a result of my crossness about the Times article, I decided to try and start something positive from it.  So I started to Tweet the sentence starters:

If I were in charge of Sex and Relationships Education I would…. and using the hashtag #uksrepolicy we could see what people on twitter thought.  (Use SRE or sex ed for short if you are low on characters!)

Now already there have been some fab responses and makes for very interesting reading which I shall link to at some point (and apologies for choosing a slightly too long hashtag!) but at the minute it is mainly the sex educators tweeting- so I want to try and get this bigger- we need more comments- from parents, young people, everyone (possibly overambitious?).

Suggestions please?


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