Dealing with Sexual Bullying- A Resources List.

It’s Anti-bullying week.  I have already blogged about dealing with homophobia in the classroom- see here:

Sexual Bullying in schools is getting scary, you only have to read this article about the Panorama program shown last year to see how scary.  But its also an area schools are scared to address as “what if it makes it look like we have a problem?”.

I am currently compiling a resources pack on dealing with Sexual Bullying for one of the areas I work for so I thought I would share some of the best resources so far (and if you would recommend any others please let me know!).

An excellent starting point is reading the Safe to Learn Guidance,  especially the ones on Homophobic Bullying and Sexist, Sexual and Transphobic Bullying and watching this Teachers TV video.

You should also look at Womankind’s definition of Sexual bullying and NSPCC’s working definition of Sexual Bullying.

The NSPCC and Womankind 10 point plan to stop Sexual Bulling in Educational settings is also a very useful starting point for schools without trawling through pages and pages of research reports and data (time being such a precious resource for those working in schools!).

Now if you are a teacher in a classroom, you maybe don’t have a whole school role or the time or energy to devote to attacking this problem on a large scale then you are probably looking for resources/support that you can use in the classroom.

If you are in London- then you have The Haven – Whitechapel which run a Sexual Violence Prevention program in schools.  They produce this booklet which is useful to look at definitions of sexual assault, the law and sentencing.

Also in London Tender work in schools  promoting healthy relationships based on equality and respect. They use drama and education to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence.  I haven’t seen their work but it has been recommended to me.

Brook also run a Sexual Bullying Project which is superb and works with teachers to provide 4 lessons addressing Sexual Bullying I have been trained on these lessons and feel it offers a fab starting point to address these issues in schools.

StopSexualBullying offer prevention programs and resources on Sexual Bullying.  I haven’t seen this in action but a colleague I sent on a recent Sexual Bullying conference on my behalf, absolutely raved about them.  So probably worth a look.

There is also Teen Boundaries UK is a charity devoted to stopping sexual bullying and encouraging positive gender relationships. They provide workshops for schools.  Their work is shown on Teachers TV- here.

Am sure there are many other agencies that can also help (If you know of any please do get in touch!).

Now to resources:

Teachers TV offer a video to use with Ks3/KS4 Students with teenagers discussing what Sexual Bullying is- see here.

Women’s aid have produced an Education Toolkit for across the keystages called “Expect Respect” Its focus is domestic violence but obviously there are many crossover themes with sexual bullying so it is definitely worth a look.

Home Office launched this website to help with their national campaign: Tackling Teenage Relationship Abuse it aims to help teenagers understand what relationship abuse is, and provides an opportunity to get involved in live debates. It also contains adverts from the campaign and a short films and provides links to sources of support and help.

Womankind have launched the following website Respect4us.  You can read more about the website and their work here.

These are some of the best I have come across.  Shout if you can recommend some more.

Happy Educating.


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