Eight out of Ten Teachers lack confidence to teach Sex

Eight out of Ten Teachers lack confidence to teach Sex

That was the headline.  Hmmmm.

Yes probably headlines like that probably don’t help.  I mean really am not surprised.  It can be a little embarrassing getting a name for yourself as “the Sex Teacher”.  I mean really that headline conjures up images of some kind of Tantric Sex teacher in long robes getting their students to stroke each others auras and “feel the sensuality ommmmmmmm”. Yikes! Or even worse obviously they will be the teacher who is shagging the students.

Technically, all teachers are supposed to be able to teach Sex and Relationship Education.  It’s part of QTS (Qualified Teacher Standards) although when I trained there were specific standards relating to drugs ed and sex ed- now it has been reduced down to being part of QTS15 “all trainees are expected to be familiar with the National Curriculum guidance on personal, social, health and economic education (PSHEE) relevant to the age ranges they are training to teach.”

Sigh.  I’m familiar with the dulux colour guides- doesn’t mean I could teach a lesson on it (well actually I probably could but doubt it would be any good- although obviously would be a better lesson than one using the FET leaflet ;)…..ahem probably time to let that one go…).

But you know what?-  if two in ten teachers is confident in teaching Sex & Relationships Education then I think that actually is pretty good.  Especially if their schools are sensible schools who have properly trained specialist teachers rather than delivering it by unconfident form tutors.  I would hope that these confident teachers are also properly trained and actually deliver quality sex education.  The other 80% of unconfident teachers are welcome to get on and teach the other important aspects of the curriculum- they should never ever be asked to teach Sex Ed in the first place.

I suppose the article at least brought Sex Education back into the spotlight as sadly it is currently falling off the agenda since it failed to be made statutory.  But really they probably could have come up with a better headline (don’t even get me started on this Headline which may be an old one but grrrrr it made me so cross (oooh another stored up blog post!)).

But anyhow I really must get on with supporting my merry band of confident teachers as well as the “not quite so confident but enthusiastic and willing to learn and try”!

Happy Educating


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