About Me

I’m a Sex and Relationships Education Advisory Teacher (I teach, write, train, facilitate, advise, advocate and campaign on all things Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) (and Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE).

I’m also a parent to two children under 5 who fascinate me as they start to make sense of their bodies and the world. Everything I do in education, I do for my children & for all children and young people. I want my kids to go to a school that takes their emotional health and wellbeing as seriously as their academic achievements. To me there is nothing more important. A kid who is being bullied, or is worried about a relationship is next to useless as a learner. To support kids to learn we have to get the basics of their wellbeing right and currently we are not. :(

My work specialisms include HIV education, tackling sexual bullying, LGBT school issues & innovative SRE, and I am keen to support schools with anything from the very basics in SRE (contraception & STI’s) all the way up to really cutting edge SRE (pornography, consent, sexual violence etc.). Previously SRE Adviser for a London Borough and HIV education adviser for two London Boroughs, I now work as the RSE Hub co-ordinator, and freelance for the PSHE Association as well as completing my masters (in sexual health) dissertation exploring homophobia and schools.

I am an elected member of the advisory councils of both the PSHE association “the subject association for all professionals working in PSHE education” and ┬áthe Sex Education Forum “a unique collaboration of member organisations and practitioner networks that identifies itself as the leader, authority and trusted voice on SRE.”

Please note: all the views in this blog are my own and not necessarily any of the agencies I work for.

If you would like to contact me then please email me on sexedukation[at]gmail[dot]com

P.S In case you were worried I was a substandard teacher who couldn’t spell Education – I assure you I am not. It’s Sex (and Relationships) Ed in the UK, y’see?

P.P.S You can also follow me on twitter I am @SexEdUKation

5 thoughts on “About Me

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    • That is very kind of you to say so, thankyou. Might I very gently suggest to get a career in education you work on avoiding text speak for anything other than text messages to your friends? Good luck with it though- best job in the world!

  2. I really admire what you do and would love to get into the field of SRE. What I can’t figure out is how on earth you get started! How did you get into it?

    • Thankyou. I always wanted to be a teacher since I was tiny. I did a science degree so I assumed I’d end up a science teacher which I did initially, but I spent some time in Africa working on an HIV/AIDS education project which then sparked the interest in sexual health so I just pushed for as much PSHE in my timetable as possible and specialised in it.

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